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I can't believe

we're both crazy!

Episode One: "A Sick Twist"

Natalie & Vincent wake up in bed together but they've never seen

each other before!

Episode Two: "Five Hundred Islands"

Vincent makes a startling confession to Natalie while Colleen & Carl meet in the midst of two breakdowns.

Episode Three: "Big Boy Pants"

Colleen & Carl have to decide whether to consummate their relationship or admit to each other their embarrassing psychiatric conditions.

Episode Four: "Legally Blind"

Colleen & Carl celebrate an anniversary while Vincent turns the tables on Natalie.

Episode Five: "Truth in Advertising"

Vincent brings in professional

help to put an end to his relationship with Natalie.

Episode Six: "Rock Bottom"

Colleen & Carl face their darkest fears as Natalie & Vincent come to a

reluctant agreement.

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