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I can't believe

we're both crazy!

Season One...

Episode One: "A Sick Twist"

Natalie & Vincent wake up in bed together but they've never seen

each other before!

Episode Two: "Five Hundred Islands"

Vincent makes a startling confession to Natalie while Colleen & Carl meet in the midst of two breakdowns.

Episode Three: "Big Boy Pants"

Colleen & Carl have to decide whether to consummate their relationship or admit to each other their embarrassing psychiatric conditions.

Episode Four: "Legally Blind"

Colleen & Carl celebrate an anniversary while Vincent turns the tables on Natalie.

Episode Five: "Truth in Advertising"

Vincent brings in professional

help to put an end to his relationship with Natalie.

Episode Six: "Rock Bottom"

Colleen & Carl face their darkest fears as Natalie & Vincent come to a

reluctant agreement.

Season Two...

Episode Seven: "Boom, Part Deux"

As Natalie & Vincent put their malicious plan into motion, Carl faces fears that Colleen is embarrassed by him.

Episode Eight: "Soup & Condoms"

Against her better judgment, Colleen takes Carl home for dinner to meet her imposing family.

Episode Nine: "Nosy Neighbor"

Natalie & Vincent can't believe their golden plan isn't working on Colleen & Carl - and they're on their last nerve waiting for it to finally take affect!

Episode Ten: "A Racist Witch"

After many, many failures, Natalie stumbles upon the perfect way to break up Colleen & Carl.

Episode Eleven:

"Bun In The Microwave"

Vincents enlists the help of a familiar friend to finally end Carl & Colleen's relationship.

Episode Twelve: "Gobsmacked"

Natalie & Vincent meet one last time to confirm that their plan's been successful... and the unthinkable happens!

Season Three...

Episode Thirteen: "Seriously ScrewedNatalie and Vincent are overwhelmed as they plot to reunite Colleen and Carl after breaking them up - if that was hard, this may be impossible.

Episode Fourteen: "Reach For It"

Instead of reuniting, Carl and Colleen move further apart - he meets a new love interest named Gemma and she sinks to a new low.

Episode Fifteen: "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Colleen deals with the sad reality of being single again while Carl and Gemma spend more time together, whether he wants to or not.

Episode Sixteen: "Just Be Abnormal"

Carl visits Colleen to pick up a few belongings - will they realize they were hoodwinked by their alter egos? Or will their fears keep them from their shared happily-ever-after?

Episode Seventeen: "Locally-

Sourced Monkey PissTwo chance encounters allow Vincent to emerge from Carl and realize that he has limited time to stop Colleen from leaving town, and his life, forever.

Episode Eighteen: "Just Us (And

Them Too)" Vincent reaches Colleen just as she's about to leave town, Carl emerges and - wait - you didn't really expect us to give away the ending, did you? Seriously?!

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